Global STO leaders in one place... Discussing the future of token securities


Held at KG Tower from 9th to 11th

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Largest real estate STO Red Swan, etc.

Companies that dominate token securities around the world attend

Checking legislation in each country, future outlook for token securities


[Edaily Reporter Kwon So-hyun] In Korea, as piece investment companies emerged and investors flocked to the market, a token stock issuance (STO) market was created spontaneously. Expectations for the domestic STO market have also increased as the Financial Services Commission has promoted the incorporation of such piecemeal investments into the institutional system by making a judgment on the securities nature and announcing token securities guidelines. However, as the bill to support this is pending without passing the National Assembly, there are concerns that the opening of the STO market may be delayed.

With expectations that STO will become a new business, domestic securities firms and commercial banks are rushing to promote new businesses, and startups are emerging that are designing STO business models based on various real assets, but due to delays in legislating, they are taking a wait-and-see situation for now.

In overseas countries, where the token securities market opened one step ahead of Korea, issuance is actively taking place, but there are still problems to be solved in terms of distribution. Liquidity can be secured only when transactions are active, but transaction performance is not yet at a satisfactory level.

Global token securities companies with different experiences and concerns come together and put their heads together to find solutions. The ‘STO Summit’, which will be held for three days from the 9th to the 11th at KG Tower in Jung-gu, Seoul, will feature 15 overseas speakers and 22 domestic speakers from the United States, Europe, Singapore, and China. This is the first conference where token securities business operators from around the world gather in one place.

The STO Summit opens with a congratulatory address from People Power Party lawmaker Chang-Hyun Yoon. Rep. Yoon, who serves as the chairman of the party's digital asset special committee, is taking the lead in institutionalizing STOs, such as proposing an amendment to the Capital Markets Act that allows the issuance of token securities. In his congratulatory address, he will explain the direction of domestic STO legislation and the resulting financial market innovation and challenges.

Next, Byeong-du Son, Chairman of the Korea Exchange, will deliver a keynote speech. The Korea Exchange is expected to become a major player in the STO market by promoting the opening of a digital securities market in line with the full-scale opening of the STO era. Chairman Son will give a presentation on the topic of ‘New Wave STO in the Korean Capital Market’.


Many global STO exchanges will show up… The financial future that token securities will bring

On the morning of the first day, global token stock exchanges and blockchain companies that are the technological basis of STO will give speeches one after another. Bob Yezodam, Vice President of INX, the world's first STO approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), gave a speech on 'STO, how to prepare for a tokenized future', and Julian Kwan of Singapore's STO exchange InvestaX gave a speech. Aaron Ong, CEO of IX Swap, a decentralized (DeFi) financial platform company, will give lectures on the topic of tokenization of real assets and DeFi solutions for this.

In the last session of the morning, Lee Hyun-ki, CEO of EQBR, a blockchain infrastructure specialist company, will present ‘STO solutions applied to actual financial services and future development direction’.

In the afternoon, a session will be held to discuss how to view token securities as an investment object and the current status and challenges of the piece investment industry, which became the starting point of Korean STO. Bae Sang-seung, CEO of New Paradigm Investment, Kyung-man Min, CEO of Alchemic Investment, and Chae Hoon, CEO of Blue Helix Korea, discuss their perspectives on token securities as assets. Shin Beom-jun, CEO of Vicell Standard, who served as the first chairman of the Token Securities Council, gave a speech on the topic of 'New finance, suggestions for STO development', and then joined Treasurer CEO Kim Kyung-tae, MuonOff CEO Choi Hwa-in, and Pylab CEO Park Do-hyun to discuss Korea's piece investment. Discuss about.

Sun Xiaoyang, who founded China's Guojin Precious Metals Exchange, explains the know-how of securitizing gold into electronic securities, and Flip, an expert who runs an STO-specialized YouTube channel and delivers insights on token securities, explains how token securities can be used as a means of raising capital. Lecture on whether it exists.

The current status of token securities legislation in each country... Attention to companies considering overseas expansion

On the second day, discussions will focus on legislative trends, which are of greatest interest at home and abroad. Daniel Steville, co-chair of digital asset and blockchain regulation at the American law firm Winston & Strawn, will give a lecture on ‘The U.S. regulatory environment for digital assets.’ Stabile has been studying digital asset regulation and legal systems for a long time and has advised not only the U.S. government but also various companies. Since 2018, he has been lecturing on digital asset regulation at the University of Miami Law School.

After his speech, Stabil will continue a panel discussion with lawyers familiar with domestic digital assets. In this discussion, the current status of systems and regulations in places where STOs are actively implemented, such as the United States, Europe, and Singapore, will be shared, and the current status in Korea will also be discussed. Ideas for growing the STO industry are also shared. It is expected to be a useful time for domestic companies considering overseas expansion.

In addition, various panel discussions will be held. Chaired by Cho Won-dong, CEO of Korea ST Exchange, a former bureaucrat who served as Senior Secretary to the Blue House for Economic Affairs, a forum for discussion will be created where global leading STO exchanges will gather and share various ideas. INX Vice President Bob Yezodam, InvestaX CEO Julian Kwan, and DigiShares CEO Klaus Skanning discuss the path the token stock exchange should take.

Also noteworthy is a session in which domestic securities analysts, accountants, and blockchain developers who have analyzed digital assets and blockchains will participate to discuss whether STO will be an innovative means of raising capital and how STO funds should be accounted for. .

On this day, Jean-Marc Jacobson, CEO of Realty, a token securities issuer, Mar Gerin and Mike Bomhoff, CEO of Treasure Experience, and Klaus Skanning, CEO of DigiShares, will each make individual presentations. Edward Chan, partner at HTX Ventures, Manindra Majumdar, founder of Tokenizer & Block . Lee Seong-moo, COO of Korea ST Exchange, plans to demonstrate an actual token securities trading platform.

On the last day, Pet Lavecchia, CEO of Oasis Pro, will present the global token securities ecosystem and investment status, and Ed Nuokedi, CEO of Red Swan, the world's largest real estate token securities issuer, and Don Opara, CTO, will each lecture on real estate tokenization. Next, a panel discussion will be held with Hwanjin Yoon, head of Shinyoung Securities, about ways to tokenize Korean real estate and list it on the global STO market.

The token securities startup competition held as a side event of the STO Summit selected 9 companies in the first screening, and 6 of them will make presentations on the first and second days. Singapore's IX Swap plans to select excellent companies after the presentation and provide them with the opportunity to be listed on the Launchpad.

You can apply for participation in the ‘STO Summit’ through the website. Business meetings and networking will be held in separate locations during the three days of the summit.

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