[MOU] Alchemic Investments signs MOU with Nanum Angels

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Alchemic Investments, an investment company specializing in deep tech, announced on the 10th that it had signed a business agreement with Nanum Angels, an investment company specializing in scale-up, to promote investments in the fields of Web3, artificial intelligence (AI), and deep tech.

Alchemic Investments is a deep-tech investment company that invests in Web3, fintech, and AI fields. It is a new venture capital firm composed of people with expertise in asset management and strategic investment for large corporations. It completed VC registration with the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in March 2023, and is currently recruiting investors to form the first fund of 30 billion won.

Nanum Angels is a private venture fund investment firm specializing in scale-up established in 2019 consists of partners with 110 billion won fund management experience, and accelerating experts such as business model verification and advancement, and IR connection.

Nanum Angels operates the ‘2023 Blockchain Enterprise Accelerating’ program hosted by Incheon Technopark and supports the verification and advancement of blockchain companies’ business models. Major investment portfolios include Reggie, On the Look, Aswe Make, Interior Teacher, GMP, Luden Partners, Rotonda, Recore, and Wuxisan.

Alchemic Investments and Nanum Angels plan to cooperate with Incheon City to discover promising web3 companies, while strategically investing in and nurturing startups that use blockchain to innovate existing businesses. The two companies plan to join Incheon City's roadmap for fostering blockchain companies in the future, starting with the accelerating program in 2023.

Min Kyung-man, CEO of Alchemic Investments, said, “In the Asian Web3 market led by Japan and Hong Kong, if a legal foundation is established in Korea, many start-ups will emerge to lead the market.” We plan to support global expansion through networks with major overseas companies and institutions that are being evaluated.”

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