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One of 4 new VC registrations completed in March

30 billion won fund formation is going well... Overseas LPs' love call

"We will lead industrial innovation" even in a frozen atmosphere

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As venture capital (VC) entered a cold season due to high interest rates, only four VCs newly registered with the Ministry of Small and Medium Business in the first quarter of this year. One of them is Alchemic Investments. The office, located near Sinnonhyeon Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, had a shiny new interior, furniture, and fixtures.

However, Lee Tae-woo, Representative of the investment division, who works in this space, was experienced. Currently, it is accelerating the creation of the first fund of 30 billion won. Taking on another challenge at his startup, he is working with the most ardent and determined determination of his entire life.

CIO Lee revealed his will, saying, “Based on our technological prowess, we will actively invest in players who can flexibly on-board to the industry’s paradigm shift.”


Lee Tae-woo, CIO of Alchemic Investment, explains the investment philosophy.

From asset manager-level management to M&A… Alchemic Investments threw the ballot

Alchemic Investments is composed of professional personnel equipped with differentiated investment strategies, advanced risk management capabilities at the level of asset management companies, and industry expertise. It mainly invests in deep-tech companies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and fin-tech, which are evaluated as essential for industrial paradigm shift.

CIO Lee Tae-woo, who leads Alchemic Investments, is a person who has accumulated experience in growth capital and strategic (SI) investment through LG Display's Strategic Marketing Group and Alpen Route Asset Management's operation headquarters.

First of all, at Alpen-route Asset Management, he played a major role in transforming the company from a listed stock trading center to an unlisted and growth capital center, transforming it into a management company with 1 trillion won in assets under management (AUM). It is not an exaggeration to say that he pioneered the unlisted investment market of domestic asset management companies. As the person in charge of the operation headquarters, he is also the one who established the unlisted investment process and risk management system.

At LG Display, he carried out a number of SI investments, and at New Bridge Partners, an M&A advisory firm, he advised on open innovation as well as M&As of domestic and foreign buyout funds with large domestic companies. He has invested in a number of companies for about 14 years, and has built up investment expertise that encompasses The materials, parts, and equipment industries, Growth Capital, listed mezzanine, and M&A.

“At Alchemic Investments, we are establishing a differentiated investment strategy based on our rich experience in the capital market,” said CIO Lee Tae-woo. Also added "We will set up a leading exit strategy, such as connecting our portfolio.”

Lee Tae-woo, Representative of Alchemic Investments' investment division, poses in front of the company's signboard.

Unusual fund size... “It will lead to growth”

Even in terms of fund size, Alchemic Investment is taking a step that is not typical of a new manager. This is because it is currently recruiting investors with a plan to manage the first fund of 30 billion won.

We are keeping an eye on Web 3.0, a key trend in investment. Web 2.0 is an Internet environment centered on user participation that allows anyone to easily create and share data on the Internet without the owner or monopolist of data.

On the other hand, Web 3.0 is a next-generation Internet whose main characteristics are 'decentralization' and 'owning individual content'. In the era of 2.0, social connectivity was emphasized. attach importance to

CIO Lee Tae-woo said, “In the past, it took quite a while for companies in the Web 2.0 industry such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Netflix to exceed 1 million users. It took only five days to break through,” he said.

He continued, “This means that the ripple effect on Web 3.0 is great,” and explained, “Therefore, Alchemic Investment will mainly invest in technology companies in the Web 2.5 area that are suitable for onboarding to the corresponding ecosystem.”

He also added that most of the investors (LPs) will be from overseas, such as the United States and Singapore. “There are an increasing number of overseas LPs that highly value Korea’s growth potential,” said CIO Lee Tae-woo. He added, "Alchemic Investment is actively discussing with major foreign companies and institutions at the partnership level," adding, "When investment portfolio companies seek to enter overseas markets, Alchemic Investment will help them advance through overseas networks."

CIO Lee Tae-woo was asked about the vision and goals of Alchemic Investment. CIO Lee said, “We will lead industry innovation and growth by executing investments centered on industries with rapid growth and high potential.” ”he said.

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