The revitalized M&A market... how about the strategy?


GAIC 2023 held at The Plaza Hotel on May 25th, 2023

Keynote speech by Prof. Ding Yuan of CEIBS with both theory and practice

From valuation to private equity strategies to investment opportunities by region.

Alternative investment becoming more important, risk and opportunity diagnosis


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), which were frozen solid last year, are stretching this year. With the assessment that the corporate ransom bubble has collapsed to some extent due to the rapid interest rate hike, and the analysis that the interest rate hike is now almost at its end, private equity funds (PEFs) as well as companies are concentrating on finding a solid company. 

But uncertainty remains. This year, the global economic growth rate will stop at 2%, and Korea is expected to stay at the 1% level. There are piles of variables that can shake the financial market again at any time, such as the US-China hegemonic war and the Russia-Ukraine war.

What should be the M&A strategy in this situation? On the 25th, we will seek a solution at the Global Alternative Investment Conference (GAIC) co-hosted by e-Daily and KG Zeroin.

First of all, let's think about valuation, which is the beginning of all investments. Professor Ding Yuan of the China Europe International School of Business and Commerce (CEIBS) shares the methodology for valuation through a keynote speech. Professor Ding received his PhD in Accounting from the University of Bordeaux 4 in France and served as a tenured professor at HEC Paris in France. As dean, he developed CEIBS into Asia's representative MBA. According to the Financial Times (FT), CEIBS in 2023 was ranked 20th in the Global MBA Rankings. Among Asian countries, CEIBS ranked highest, with American and European business schools sweeping the top ranks. In the EMBA, an MBA program for executive management, it ranked second after Kellogg/HKUST.

Professor Ding has lectured on financial accounting, financial statement analysis, international accounting, and corporate governance in Europe and China, and has designed and implemented CEIBS' executive education programs. In practice, he has consulted not only Chinese but also multinational companies in the field of corporate governance cost management system design, investment and M&A. In 2011, he launched the ‘Ding Yuan Index Neutral Fund’ and became the first accounting and finance professor in mainland China to manage a hedge fund. In 2013, the fund was selected as the best hedge fund in China for its stable investment returns. Professor Ding, who has both theory and practice, plans to unravel what criteria to use when evaluating asset values at this GAIC.

Sungkyunkwan University Professor Oh Jong-min, who will be the second keynote speaker, is a budding economist. Professor Oh, majoring in finance, has been researching corporate finance, investment, and innovation. He gives an in-depth lecture on the impact that technological innovation will have on valuations.

The two keynote speakers, Zhao Chang, founder of BCC Global, Kyu-Hong Lee, CIO of Teachers' Pension, and Do-Yoon Lee, CIO of Yellow Umbrella Mutual Fund, will have a panel discussion on valuation with the moderator Kang-Heum Yeon, Professor Emeritus of Yonsei University.

Then, in the first session, we will discuss ‘the era of uncertainty, strategies of private equity funds and VCs’. Joshua Chew, Rothschild's Global M&A Director, explains the current market situation and M&A strategy from a financial family with a history of more than 250 years. Following this, a panel discussion will be held with Prof. Lee Jeong-ho of Hanyang University as the moderator. Representative Kim Soo-min of Unison Capital Korea (UCK), who received attention through the successful acquisition of Osstem Implant through a tender offer, Kim Joong-wan, CEO of Behi Investment, and Ted Lin, chairman of Business Connect China, will attend as a panel.

Regional sessions are held in the afternoon. In the session, ‘Investment in developed countries to overcome austerity and recession’, Joseph Mauro, CEO of Kirkowswald, a US macro hedge fund, will give a presentation. We share the secret of high returns, recording double-digit returns last year, when most of the big players could not avoid negative returns due to the decline in asset prices during the tightening period. Facilitated by Korea University Professor Lee Jang-hyeok, KIC CIO Lee Hoon, Public Employees Pension Service CIO Baek Joo-hyeon, Bae Yong-seok, Hanwha Asset Management Executive Director, and Robert Browell, PwC Partner will conduct a panel discussion.

‘Find opportunities in China that is reopened and growing Asia’ is a time to seek investment opportunities in Asia. Michael Marquardt, CEO of IQEQ Asia Pacific, explains about China after the reopening and India, which are showing remarkable growth. BCC Global Korea & Southeast Asia representative Kim Se-hoon moderated the meeting, and Alan Chan, chairman of Fuxing PE, Han Jong-seok, CIO of Police Mutual Aid Association, and Kim Dong-hwan, advisor of Hana Ventures, shared opinions on investment opportunities in the Asian market.

The last session will discuss investment and investment attraction opportunities in the Middle East. Samil PwC partner In-Dae Park, who recently formed the Middle East team, and Jong-Cheon Lee, head of the Korea-Saudi Friendship Association, who plays a bridge between the Middle East and Korea based on his long-time diplomat life in Saudi Arabia, each provided know-how on entry into the Middle East, investment, and cooperation. Listen. Dongheon Jang, advisor at Yulchon Law Firm, will chair the discussion on investment cooperation with the Middle East, with Jiseon Yoon, head of the Alternative Investment Office at Private Teachers' Pension Service, and Taewoo Lee, CEO of Alchemic Investment's investment division.

It is a time when you have no choice but to deepen your concerns about alternative investment strategies in a rapidly changing financial environment. We hope you will meet domestic and foreign institutional investors and pension fund chief operating officers (CIOs) to exchange opinions and get investment ideas. Application for participation in GAIC is available through the website.

● Date & Time: May 25th, 9:30 am - 4:10 pm

● Place: The Plaza Grand Ballroom, Jung-gu, Seoul

● Website:  ● Inquiries: GAIC Secretariat (02-3772-0337,

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